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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I put my arcade system in my bar and charge money to play?
All of our arcade systems are "For Personal Use Only". This means you are not allowed to charge money to play these games."For Personal Use Only" means that your arcade system is only for non-commercial and non-profit uses. 

What do the status emails mean?
When you purchase a personalized arcade system your build goes through a series of steps. You will receive emails as your system moves through the build process. Status emails update you as to what phase of the build your system is in. Examples of status emails would include "Assembled and Painted", "Wiring and Electronics", and everyone's favorite, "Ready for Pickup or Delivery".
Can I customize the game lists?
The game lists are pre-configured and cannot be added to.  We have created an editable "
Favorites" list within the 2600 game list that comes standard in our signature series so you don't have to scroll through the entire game list to play the games you love the most.
Can I get a larger monitor in my custom cabinet?
Our monitor sizes are the largest they can be and still fit in our standard builds. If you would prefer a larger monitor, we would be happy to make a larger cabinet to accommodate it. You could also consider our pedestal option instead.  It has a VGA output (and a HDMI converter option) to connect to a TV or projector, so the monitor can be as large as you'd like!  If you'd still like to have the stand up arcade with a larger monitor, contact us for a quote on a custom build.