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Bartop DIY Arcade Kit - Complete (JAMMA)

Cut to Order & Shipped in 1-2 weeks
Bartop DIY Arcade Kit - Complete (JAMMA)

Product Description

Bartop DIY Arcade Kit - Complete (JAMMA).

**Starting at $364.99 without optional items.

Our epic two player bartop arcade cabinet in a "Do It Yourself" format!

This kit comes complete with everything you need to build your JAMMA bartop cabinet except for a few screws and a little wire.

Power switch, control top button and joystick openings are cut to fit all of the supplied parts. The monitor mount is cut to the exact size of the selected monitor. A standard VESA monitor mount will be supplied when no monitor is selected.

Player action buttons and coin button can be upgraded to our Fusion (Gold Leaf) Pushbuttons. These pushbuttons are a hybrid, concave, American style, high performance and low noise button. Product information can be found here.

This bartop arcade DIY kit works for everyone, This bartop arcade kit is perfect for both beginner and advanced arcade builders. It's hassle free, easy to assemble setup allows for customization at nearly every step.
All pieces are precision cut to order on our CNC machine from 3/4" black melamine providing perfect panel alignment. T-Mold slot cuts are standard on all orders.
This bartop kit is configured for the JAMMA platform. There is ample room inside the cabinet for all internals and lots of space to keep wiring tidy.

Cabinet assembly is available for an additional charge.Our professional cabinet makers will assemble your DIY bartop wood cabinet. All you have to do is install the electronics and monitor and start playing!

MiniMee Bartop Measurements: 19.5"W x 23"H x18"L
Supports up to a 19" horizontal monitor, 13"H x 18"W
Console Measurements: 18"W x 8.5"H
Marquee Measurements: 18"W x 4"H
Monitor opening of 12.5" H x 18"
FatBoy Bartop Measurements: 24"W x 23"H x 18"L
Supports up to a 24" horizontal monitor, 13"H x 22.5"W
Console Measurements: 18"W x 8.5"H
Marquee Measurements: 18"W x 4"H
Monitor opening of 12.5" H x 22.5"


1 Flat Packed DIY Bartop Arcade Kit

12 Concave Player Action Buttons

1 White Concave Coin Button

2 White Printed Player Buttons

1 Pushbutton Nut Wrench

2 Competition HAPP Joysticks

JAMMA Harness

2 Ground Harness'

Power Supply

EMI Power Switch

4' Premium Power Cord

19mm Panel Lock

2 Speakers

*Screws and electrical wire not included

Tools Required:

Rubber mallet, sandpaper or chisel, drill or screwdriver (Robertson #2), and wood glue.

Assembly Instructions: CLICK HERE 



** ALL DIY kits have a disclaimer etched into the inside of each profile that reads:

DIY kit provided by:
Retro Active Arcade Ltd.
NOT for resale or commercial use.


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