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100mm Convex Illuminated Green

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100mm Convex Illuminated Green

Product Description

This push button is 100mm in diameter and comes complete with 12v LED, locking nut and microswitch. The plunger on this button is dome shaped.

This illuminated button can also be used for photo booths, arcade machines, Pop 'N Music controls and various other projects.

The LED requires a 12v power supply. This can be taken from a spare molex connector on a PC power supply (yellow = 12v - black = ground) or a JAMMA harness.

Product features:
*Jumbo sized - 100mm
*Dome shaped plunger
*12v LED

Wiring Information:
Button wiring is 1 wire for ground connection and 1 wire for signal connection.
LED wiring is 1 wire for the positive connection and 1 wire for the negative connection.

Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain LED Harness

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